Newsletter August 2016


A Nossa Terra Celebrates 15 years as a recognized ONGA

On Monday, 1st August, the association celebrates 15 years officially recognized as an environmental non-governmental association.

We would like to thank to all of our associates for showing your support to our work and activities developed for the last 15 years.

Two Walks – Visit to the Quarry and Night Walk

On the next Sunday 14th, by 19h00, there will be two walks: the first will be at the end of the afternoon and it will be around neighbourhood of Quarry at Palmeira, near Caldas de Monchique. The second will be at night, after dinner, to observe shooting stars. Everyone interested in participate should contact the association: 967 817 135. Bring a snack for dinner.

Meeting point: Casa da Sesmaria, in Palmeira, at 18h45 or at the association’s office, at 18h30.

Harvest at Monte da Casteleja

On the 4th of September, we will participate in a harvest at Monte da Casteleja, near Lagos a farm from our associate Guillaume Leroux, which produces organic wine. If you are interested in participate, please contact the association: 967 817 135 or There may be changes to the timetable at the last minute for agricultural reasons or the weather

Meeting point:07h00 at the association’s office.

You should bring:
To the harvest: country clothes, gloves, boots, hat and sun cream;

To the grape pressing: old clothes, short shorts and towel.

How to arrive to Monte da Casteleja

Transition Group Meeting
On Sunday 28th, the meeting will realize during the harvest lunch, at Monte da Casteleja, near Lagos.

Reuse Books for Free
The office of Nossa Terra has a lot of books available for reuse. Come in, take what you like, and leave a donation. German/English/Portuguese available.

Transition Group Newsletter
To receive news from the Monchique Transition Group, as well as news from other Algarve groups, you can register on Google Groups “Transition Monchique”.

There’s a link to this group on the Transition Monchique website:

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