Newsletter – December 2016


Winter Solstice Lunch with the Transition Group

To celebrate the beginning of Winter, we will hold a lunch with the Transition Group at the Bica Boa next Sunday 18th, at 12h00. Price: 10€ p/person.
There will be a buffet with meat, fish and vegetarian options. Inscriptions: or 963 559 253. Please confirm your presence until 14th December.

A Nossa Terra participates in the Monchique Christmas Market

We will be take part in the Christmas Market – Largo dos Chorões, in Monchique, between the 15th and 18th December, from 10h00 to 18h00.
There will be books, gifts, and other products from our associates available in our stand. Come visit us!

New 2017 diary From Fernanda Botelho

We have now available the new 2017 diary from Fernanda Botelho.
Spices (especiarias) are the diary’s theme. It has beautiful photos and interesting information each week (in Portuguese).
You can purchase the diary at the Nossa Terra office and at the Christmas market for 12.50€. We also have more books from Fernanda Botelho and other nature books available.

A Nossa Terra received a Merit Certificate from the Portuguese Environmental Agency – APA – ARH

The association received a merit certificate on December 7th, for the Water Monitoring and Volunteer project. It consisted in monitoring and analyse the water quality from the Serra de Monchique streams and other streams in the Algarve, between March and June 2016.
A great thank you to all the associates who helped us in this project!

Reuse Books for Free

The office of Nossa Terra has a lot of books available for reuse. Come in, take what you like, and leave a donation. German/English/Portuguese available.
Some of them will be offered to some local accommodations. If you are interested in share reuse books with your guests at your establishment, contact us:

Transition Group Newsletter

To receive news from the Monchique Transition Group, as well as news from other Algarve groups, you can register on Google Groups ” Transition Monchique”.
There’s a link to this group on the Transition Monchique website:

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