Newsletter – May 2016


Tribute to Nossa Terra – 20 years of association

On May 5th, during Monchique’s Public Holiday celebrations, Monchique Council recognised the social contribution from various local institutions. A Nossa Terra received a certificate and prize in recognition of its 20th year.

Permaculture Course at Terra do Milho

Between May 28th and June 11th there will be a permaculture course at Terra do Milho, in Monchique.

It will be taught by Lesley Martin, who will cover an internationally permaculture recognised syllabus.

In this course you will learn to design regenerative systems that provide food, energy, and shelter, creating resilient human communities that care for the earth, provide for the people and create abundance to share. Inscriptions until May 18th. To more information consult the association or 963 559 253.

Two days in Monchique with Fernanda Botelho Workshop “From the plant to oil”

This month we will have a workshop with our guest Fernanda Botelho, which will take place on Friday May 20th, at Bica-Boa in Monchique. During the workshop, the participants will learn how to produce different types of organic oils from local plants. At the end each participant will take home a plant and some oil samples that were produced at the workshop. Prices: 30€ to non- associates, 25€ to associates. Optional buffet lunch 10€.
More information: Reservation:

Walk and plant recognition

The walk, organised by Passeios na Serra, will take place on Saturday May 21st, and the participants will learn to identify common wild foods and medicinal plants. Registration 18€/person, | 962 543 217 |

2015/2016 Water Monitoring Programme in Monchique

The water sampling programmes continues through to June. On 8th May, 24 students will be studying the Ribeira de Odiáxere. On Monday 9th May, Europe Day, we will be collaborating with the Portuguese Environment Agency and Portuguese and Spanish associations in monitoring rivers in the Guardiana valley.

After that, the next sampling of the tributaries of the Ria do Alvor will be on Monday May 16th, departing at 09h00 from the association office in Monchique. The final sampling session will be on Monday June 6th (Rio Arade). To take part in the program, contact the association or 963 559 259.

Algarve Nature Week – Nature Tourism exhibition

The Algarve Nature Week’s second exhibition will take place in Quarteira, between 13th and 22nd of May. From 13th to 15th there will be a public exhibition with nature tourism sector companies, at the Passeio das Dunas in Quarteira. Activities like horse and donkey ridings, bird and cetaceans watching, hiking’s, boat tours, diving and surf are available for visitants during the three first days. On 13th, the activities are free. Members of the association from Monchique will be present.

Public Petition “Algarve Livre de Petróleo”

There’s available online the petition from the Algarve Livre de Petróleo Platform. All the interested can find it on

Transition Group

On Saturday 14th May, the Lagos Transition group is organising a party and opportunity for debate in the Culture Centre of Barão de São João at 17h00.

This month, the Monchique group meeting will be on May 22nd, at 2pm. in the Bica Boa restaurant.

The picnic in June will be on Sunday 19th June at the Fonte Santa Fornalha. Book the date!

Reuse Books for Free

The office of Nossa Terra has a lot of books available for reuse. Come in, take what you like, and leave a donation. German/English/Portuguese available.

Transition Group Newsletter

To receive news from the Monchique Transition Group, as well as news from other Algarve groups, you can register on Google Groups “Transition Monchique”. There’s a link to this group on the Transition Monchique website:

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