Transition Town group – community garden, Sunday 2 March 2014

Transition Town group – community garden, Sunday 2 March 2014, Monchique

First session for preparing the land for cultivation from 09h00 onwards, in the garden Bemparece.

Activities planned grass cutting and clearing, raking and cultivation/ploughing.

Picnic and annual planning meeting, 12h30
in the garden Bemparece (Bica Boa in case of rain).

Agenda for the meeting:

  1. Registration of the land for organic production.
  2. Registration of the participants in the garden.
  3. Requirements for acquiring and registering material and products used in the garden,
    (invoices or declarations with name and tax number, where to file the documents).
  4. Plan and diary of activities in the garden.
  5. Dividing up the land and planting plan.
  6. Obtaining seeds and planting material.
  7. Irrigation system (drip)
  8. Future construction of a greenhouse/shade house.
  9. Building planned this year and opportunities for finance.


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