Genuine Algarve

A Nossa Terra will be present at the exhibition “Genuine Algarve”.
Algarve Genuíno 2012-03-30 a 2012-04-1
The exhibition provides a sample of genuine Algarve products: crafts, confectionary, gastronomy and wines, folklore. Here you can share knowledge, apreciate live crafts, savour the best tastes, attend colloquia and win a basket of the best regional products.
Dia 30/03: 17h00 – 24h00
Dia 31/03: 11h00 – 24h00
Dia 1/04: 11h00 – 22h00
Local: Portimão Arena – GPS: 37º 8? 43”, -8+ 32? 2”
Entrada: €1,00*

*10% of door receipts will be donated to a local charity.

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