Grape harvest at Monte da Casteleja



  • 07h30 Welcome and coffee on the farm
  • 08h00 Harvest (with tea break offered by the farm)
  • 13h30 Lunch (offered by the farm) . regional menu with vegetarian and meat options.
  • 16h00 Siesta
  • 17h00 Grape pressing
  • 20h00 Return to Monchique

One of the most important times at the Monte da Casteleja is the grape harvest. The work of a year is harvested in a day and is turned into wine for years to come. Despite being a period of great work, concentration and quick decisions it is always accompanied by human energy, a party atmosphere and lots of entertainment.

Since its inception in 2002, the farm has always done the harvest in an “old-fashioned way” with manual labour for selection and cutting of the grapes. They are transported to the winery in boxes of 15 kg At the end of the day the best grapes are pressed by foot, as is still done in the best vineyards of the Douro. It is a long day loaded with songs and emotions that fill the hearts of those who participate.

Sunday 6 September 2015

Meeting point: the association’s office, Rua do Repouso nº 6, Monchique

Departure time: 07h00

Reservations: tel 282 911 257 / 963 55 253 or


·         Harvest: Country clothes, gloves, boots, hat e sun cream

·         Grape pressing: Old clothes, short shorts and towel.

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